There's a 40,000 square foot warehouse on Gravois Avenue the public is invited to step into and when they do, they'll step back in time.

"It's a matter of preserving history," said Refab founder Eric Schwarz.

Eric is keeping St. Louis' building history alive.

Eric said, "These are glazed architectural terra cotta from Southern Funeral Home."

This nonprofit carefully disassembles buildings and sells the materials to the public.

He said, "There was a need to keep St. Louis material out of landfill and need to train and employ recently homeless veterans."

In their warehouse, Refab sells reclaimed building materials, household items, even barn wood for all those Pinterest projects you've been wanting to try.

And if these doors could talk, the stories they could tell. Some are bigger and older than others like this set from a Clayton home.

Eric said, "I could see these being mounted like people are doing with the barn doors with the track, these guys are sold with the track."

You're bound to find something you've never seen before, like this giant bathtub.

"We're not sure how many there are out there but best guess is a handful of them...this baby here weighs about two to four thousand pounds... It's also 7 foot," said Eric.

It's no surprise that Refab attracts customers outside of Missouri and Illinois. An Atlanta woman called, looking for a farmhouse sink, one of the hottest kitchen trends of the moment.

He said, "She said, 'How much?' I said $350. She said, 'I'm getting in my car, driving through the night to get it.'"

In September, Eric hopes to add a workshop where they can really show off their creative side.

He said, "We will take the items that we get and transform them into upcycled objects. So a red fire cabinet into a coffee table."

Until then, check out this warehouse that will help you achieve all your DIY dreams.

The warehouse is located at 3130 Gravois Avenue. The number is (314) 357-1392 and website is