Matthew Haugsness of Richmond Heights is just 16 but already a CEO. His company was inspired by his two dogs, Boo Boo and Hazel Grace.

He said, "My mom, she was working at home, and the dogs always wanted to be with her."

So, he built a dog bed with the help of his dad, Thomas Haugsness, who worked for more than a decade as a cabinetmaker.

Thomas said, "We thought it was a lot of fun and Matthew thought it would be a good idea to make more beds and start a business and start selling them. "

"We got a lot of positive feedback... and we wanted to build a lot of them for a lot of people," said Matthew.

So Matthew's business, Haugie's Doggies, was born. Haugie is Matthew's nickname.

Using old chairs from secondhand stores, this father and son transform them into dog beds that look like something humans would love to sleep on.

Thomas said, "They're a little different and that's why we think they might go over well. It's not something that everybody has, it's something that's special for your special fur babies."

Matthew even sews the bedding himself.

"These beds are made for a king size pillow, so if your dog fits on a king size pillow then this will work for it," Thomas said.

Haugie's Doggies beds cost between $100 and $300, and are sold on Etsy.

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