They are Rock 'n Roll Hall of Famers who have sold more than 100 million albums and know how to make an entrance.
"There's nobody like KISS, there's nobody that does what we do and it's not by happenstance," Paul Stanley says.
He and Gene Simmons have been entertaining audiences since the early 70's.
"KISS has become way bigger than we ever thought.  It's America's number one gold record award winning group of all time, in all categories," Simmons points out.
They're about to embark on another European tour, but in the meantime they've opened a restaurant in Chesterfield.
"A few years back a few of our friends came up and said we have an idea we want to start a restaurant unlike anything that's ever been there before," Simmons explains.
Their name isn't over the door, but it is on a pinball machine.
"Like anything else we do we go into it right into the deep end of the pool and make of it what we will."
They seem to have the Midas touch because this is the 20th Rock and Brews.
"For me it's great to be surrounded by classic music, the music we grew up loving," adds Stanley.
There's another reason Paul Stanley decided to get into the restaurant business.
"The other part of it is as I started to have kids if I wanted to go to lunch with them I had to have cardboard pizza served by somebody dressed like a rat."
So Rock and Brews is a family friendly place with more than 50 beers on tap.  There are burgers and pizzas as well as several salads.
"I love our salads we make everything fresh daily here so all our vegetables are chopped daily," says Kirk Williams, the Franchisee.
He's a man who works with these two music legends, but doesn't wear the make-up.
No, no I did it for Halloween a couple of years ago. Gene would say it's a cheap imitation." 
It's a look so many of us have tried to duplicate which is what these two hoped to tap into more than 40 years ago.
"Look we're kids at heart and always have been so if you do something that appeals to you it will appeal to someone else,"  Stanley says.
The same can be said about the food and experience you'll get at Rock and Brews, a restaurant that well, rocks.