Parker's Table, a business with more than 20 years under its belt, hasn't stoped growing since it moved into this building in Richmond Heights.

Jon Parker, owner of Parker's Table, said, "Where I'm standing now, we started in this little room and every year we've slowly worked our way back. And now, 6 years later, we're at the back wall."

You'll find wine, beer, and specialty food from wall to wall. The salami made by a local company is a huge hit with customers.

Jon said, "Someone came in last week, we packed a box up to take to China."

Recently, Salume Beddu, which means beautiful cured meat in Sicilian, opened a sandwich shop inside Parker's Table.

Mark Sanfilippo, founder of Salume Beddu, said, "The Beast is probably our most popular."

Before Salume Beddu's founder Mark Sanfilippo started his company, he worked in Los Angeles with celebrity chef Mario Batali.

"For a restaurant called Mozza and I was doing the cured meats out there," Mark said.

The meat they were using came from Missouri. When he moved back home to St. Louis, his company Salume Beddu was born using, what else, but the highest quality heritage Midwestern pork to craft Italian and European style cured mets, fresh sausages, and regional Italian specialty foods.

Mark said, "We're in Chicago, two Eatalys, a few restaurants in LA, New York, Fleishers, spread out, dotted here and there throughout the country.

They are based in St. Louis and the biggest selection can be found at Parker's Table.
It's not the first place Salume Beddu has served sandwiches, they had a location on Hampton Avenue they grew out of.

He said, "We supply all the ingredients and they make the sandwiches we used to make at Hampton."

So pull up a seat at Parker's Table and raise a glass to Salume Beddu, a nationally recognized small, artisan company based in St. Louis.

Parker's Table is located at 7118 Oakland Avenue in Richmond Heights.
The number is 314-645-2050. Salume Beddu serves lunch from 11-2.