It is a booklet filled with more than 300 shops, restaurants and services.

"Jewelry, clothing, purses, it's a great way if you're planning ahead to stock up for Christmas because you get 20 percent off of everything," explains Sandy Koller, Vice President of Philanthropy SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Foundation.

The idea for the Glennon Card bubbled up back in 2011.

"When we started the card there were only about 100 retailers and now we have over 335."

She's a woman who sees all the good the card has done and continues to do.

"So we're actually able to do so many things, one of those is where I'm standing right now which is the playroom on 4 north, which is our in patient cancer center," she points out.

It's a place where kids like Jasper Hopper can forget about the monitors and let their imaginations run wild.

"Yeah it also helps that I have an ipad, the one they give to teens because they were out of the ones they give to little kids."

Over the years the card has raised more than a million dollars with the help of sponsors like Edward Jones.

"At Edward Jones we live and work in the communities we serve so what's important to our clients are important to us and not just in the office in the communities we serve," says Tim Niemann, Principal, Edward Jones.

It is a win, win. The 50 dollar card will save you money at 66 restaurants serving everything from sliders to steaks. You can also use it at a couple of spas or buy shoes, home decor, or floral arrangements.

"So you spend 250 dollars you've already paid for the card," Koller adds.

So get on board and get a Glennon Card a lot of shopping awaits.

You can save money at more than 335 participating merchants October 20th through the 29th. The Glennon Card is 50 dollars and it can be purchased now until october 13th online at