The turquoise door is hard to miss, the stuff for sale inside is something that shouldn't be missed.

"We do clothing, accessories, we have some bath and candle products. A little bit of everything," Tamara Netsch, the owner explains.

Shine Boutique is the kind of shop you walk into looking for one thing and walk out with two or three other things.

"We try to have a good mix so you not necessarily one stop shop, but you can get a lot of things in one place."

She opened the place in May of 2016 and she's been getting new shipments just about every week since.

"I try to really listen to what people are asking for when they're in the store and what they're not finding out there and then I make that my mission to try to find it," she says.

So you'll find scarves, sweaters and socks that tend to draw a crowd.

"Those make people laugh. I have to say we have a lot of people standing around the socks having a good laugh so that's a good thing."

They're in a very small men's section in a rather big space, 2,400 square feet of space, but she's having a lot of fun filling it.

"This is the traditional style of poncho over the head, usually has the triangle down the front," she says pulling one from the rack.

This fall you'll also see a lot of off the shoulder sweaters and sweatshirts.

"I was trying to describe that sweatshirt this morning to friends and I'm like it's a little Flashdance-esq.

And tassels are still big.

"A lot of feathers, a lot of long earrings and anything in the color merlot," she adds.

Mustard is also a popular shade and if your looking to add just the right touch to something you can have a hat or robe monogrammed.

"So we sell items that you can monogram, but you can bring in your own things."

So swing by Shine Boutique, a store where you're bound to find something for yourself, someone else or both.