He is a talented young man who's been playing music around town since before he could drive. A mostly self taught guitarist who learned by watching his dad.

"He never sat down and said here's what you do, but I just picked it up listening," explains Aaron Griffin. He graduated from Webster Groves High School in 2013, but first stepped onto a stage, under the lights when he was just 14.

"Being on stage is like being on a playground for me."

He wasn't playing pop songs, or rock n roll, he was singing the blues. Now he's doing it fronting his own band with some talented guy who are quite a bit older.

"Paul's kind of in my vicinity he's like 30," Griffin points out.

He's pretty used to being the young one and although he's super talented he's heading back to school.

"I'm actually going to go to college next year and I'm not going to do music."

He's going to take some general courses, but music is what he wants to do and will continue to do after college.

"Yeah, I love music and performing and writing and all of it," he goes on to say.

It's just in his soul.