Earthbound Beer is tiny but mighty. There are 8 beers on draft which are all brewed in this 1000 square foot space on Cherokee Street.

"It is probably the smallest brewery in city, if not the state," Stuart Keiting said.

Soon there will be 16 beers on tap and more than 10 times the space. The nearly 3 year old brewery is moving down the block into a building that used to be the stock house for the Cherokee Brewery from 1866 to about 1902.

Stuart said, "The whole block used to be the brewery, this is the only remaining structure."

With a half million dollar investment, Earthbound Beer is creating a bit of an out of this world experience.
People will feel like they're floating above the bar when they walk on this mezzanine suspended by chains.

"There's a stairwell in the middle of the space that climbs up to central walkway. If you turn left, it takes you to a private seating area in back corner and if you take a right, it takes you to big floating octagon in the middle of the room. The idea was to maximize seating because we've had our share of a packed place."

Earthbound is adventurous with the beer they make.

"We made a beer that was supposed to mimic the experience of eating toasted raviolis," he said.

They're also adventurous with the projects they take on.

"We are about 25 feet underground right now," he said.

More than 1 million pounds of clay, dirt, brick, and stone was removed from this area beneath the bar where Earthbound Beer plans to barrel age beer.

Stuart said, "We are technically in a cave network that spans most of Cherokee Street up to the river. I believe what we're in right now is a limestone quarry. There would have been a sinkhole here that would have connected to the caves that would have filled up with clay over time."

While the underground area won't be open to the public right now, they hope to host special events down here in the future. And when Earthbound Beer officially opens later this month, one thing is for sure, they'll be raising the bar.

Current location: 2710 Cherokee Street

New location scheduled to open May 20th: 2724 Cherokee Street