Flanked by the Old Courthouse on one side, and the reflection of the Gateway Arch on the other, the only thing that hasn't changed about Kiener Plaza is the location and the iconic runner statue.

Ryan McClure, Director of Communications for CityArchRiver Foundation, said, "The runner. The runner is back."

The fountain will still change colors but not with dye.

Ryan said, "We don't have to do that anymore. We can do LED lighting which is much more environmentally friendly."

As for what's new, the Courthouse lawn is where people will be able to enjoy concerts, festivals, and movies.

"Which can git up to 3000 people," he said.

This splash pad is also new and so is this colorful playground.

Ryan said, "It's meant for kids of all abilities can use this playground. It has two seperate areas for different ages."

Now to what you won't find at Kiener Plaza. Remember the sunken amphitheatre? It's gone.

He said, "That May Ampitheatre was an amptheatre and space in the park built in the 80s. In the previous reiteration of Kiener Plaza, you had one half designed in the 1960s and one half design in the 1980s. They didn't interact well with eachother."

After the gates come down around Kiener Plaza next Friday, there will be one more piece of the CityArchRiver project to complete.

Friday, May 19th at noon-1:30 PM: ribbon cutting , live music and food trucks

Saturday, May 20th from 11 AM-6 PM: live music, food and drink vendors, kids' activities