'Cocktails over coffee,' 'Wine squad,' 'I'm like four days past my bedtime,' and 'I didn't get your text.' Those are just some of the fun sayings on shirts from Backroad Designs.

Sarah Garlich said, "And then in parenthesis, it says, 'Read yesterday,' because we all know we all do that and if people have the read receipts on, they shouldn't."

These sweatshirts, t-shirts, and hats that definitely won't 'kill your vibe' are designed by Sarah Garlich, owner of Backroad Designs.

She said, "Backgroad is about taking your own path and doing your own journey, the way you want to do it. And everyone has a way about doing that in their life. And that's what partially inspired the name."

Clothing from Backroad Designs is not just cute but comfortable.

She said, "All of the sweatshirts may look heavy but they're super lightweight... I'm such a fabric person and if it's not soft and I wouldn't want to wear it all the time, then i wont make it."

As far as where her ideas for shirts come from, some of them are things Sarah says to her friends and family.

Sarah said, "It says, 'You're my person,' which is kinda a saying I would say to my husband all the time."

The 'Killin' It' shirt is perfect for hanging out or working out.

Sarah said, "It's a cool shirt because it has mesh and the detailing on it."

Even a celebrity fitness trainer has been seen wearing it.

"The 'Killin' it' shirt, one of our good friends and customers is friends with Tracy Anderson... and she was given our shirt and she has worn it several times," said Sarah.

Backroad has faux suede and faux leather hats along with these STL hats, which are flying off the shelves.

"Oh yeah, we can't keep them in stock, they're great," she said.

You'll find Backroad Designs at Cha boutique in Ladue along with 8 other local stores but that's not all.

She said, "We have 25 other stores around the country that are carrying our line."

Shirts that are sure to get you a few high fives and fist bumps.

To buy Backroad Designs sweatshirts, shirts, and hats, visit backroaddesigned.com and follow the company on instagram.com/backroaddesign.