At a restaurant in the Bevo Mill neighborhood named Taco Circus, you won't find any trapeze artists or clowns.

Christian Ethridge, owner, said, "Taco Circus came about so people would understand it's a lighthearted place in nature and environment."

Ethridge is the ringleader of this taco joint with circus-inspired decor. But make no mistake,  the owner of Taco Circus, takes his food seriously.

"This is a very fundamental. straight forward. traditional taco place," he said.

Taco Circus uses locally sourced meat.

"High quality ingredients, you can taste the difference," he said.

Take the beef fajita, for example.

"Skirt steak that we get from Rain Crow Ranch," he said.

And their pork steak taco.

"We get those out of Root and Holler out of Cape Girardeau, Missouri."

Christian says one of his best dishes is Cardinal Queso.

"Super good comfort food," he said.

And if you love hot sauce, then you might get a little excited when you see they have a mini fridge stocked with housemade hot sauce.

Taco Circus is located at 4258 Schiller Place in the Bevo Mill Neighborhood.
Their number is 314-320-8884.