How about this for Valentine's Day? A Lady and the Tramp style noodle challenge. The noodle you have to eat with your sweetheart at Cielo at the Four Seasons is 14 feet long.

Here's how it works. Book a Valentine's Day 4 or 6 course dinner at Cielo between February 10th and 14th  and upon arrival, you'll be asked if you want to take part in a noodle challenge. 

Couples who agree to try and eat a 14 foot house-made noodle have to meet in the middle for a kiss but the noodle can't break. Couples who succeed will win a 50 minute couple's massage in the spa.
The long noodle is equivalent to a small bowl of pasta. The staff at Cielo is excited to offer a Valentine's Day dinner to remember.

Michael Fricker, Sous Chef, said, "It's kind of this serious dinner where everyone is quiet and in own table and we want to make it fun. Ttalian food for us is big, bold, loud and we want to bring that to the dinner."

For more information, go to To make a reservation, go to 314-881-5759. The 4-course dinner is $78 per person and 6-course dinner is $95 per person. They have been working for 3 months to come up with the perfect noodle recipe for this challenge. The couples massage you could win is valued at $300.