It is an action packed show with fast-paced scenes, but putting a high speed chase on screen requires slow methodical preparation.
Tom Lowell, the stunt coordinator for Chicago PD has to make sure the car is stripped even of the original gas tank.
"This car is equipped with a fuel cell, it's a smaller gas tank," he explains.
Sharp edges get wrapped with foam.
"So we tape around it to give it more thickness so it wouldn't puncture and get fuel leak after the car flips," Lowell points out.
And the driver's seat is perfectly fitted to Jim Fierro
"I'll have a fire suit on, helmet, mouth piece and large catcher knee pads," he adds.
"You know when our fans watch our show they say at most eight actors in a scene and what they don't know is there are 125 people on set," explains Sophia Bush who plays Erin Lindsay.
Once his helmet is on it's go time and even when you know what's about to's jarring.
After the demonstration the crew moves as quickly as possible.
"Jim you alright buddy," someone yells into the car.
No injuries, no fires, just mashed up metal is a good day on the Chicago PD set.