On the 16th floor of this building on Brentwood Boulevard McGraw Milhaven and Kelly Jackson discuss just about any and every topic on The McGraw Show.
"When you're talking to your friends you're going to talk about politics, you're going to talk about the Cardinals, you're going to see that crazy thing that happened on the bachelor last night and wait to you hear what my cousin did," Milhaven says.
So that's what you'll hear on the Big 550 KTRS weekday mornings, but when McGraw steps away from the mic and into his house one topic is often top of mind.
"So I made this maybe five or six years ago," he points out. 
Woodworking first grabbed his attention back in college.
"I started watching those shows on TV it took them a half hour to make a desk." 
But it took him years to purchase his first power tool and when he finally did, well...
"I almost cut my finger off.  I bought a cheap table saw and then I said to myself if I'm really going to try to do this I better save up my money and buy one nice power tool."
He's since bought a few more and over the last decade or so he's built some pretty incredible pieces.
"You're kind of like Dick Van Dyke in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang where you close the door and like six months later look at this, look at what I made," he jokes.
Oddly enough, among the noise of the power tools is his quiet place.
"It's my therapy." 
Wood waits on a shelf for his next project which is never too far away.  Finished pieces can be found in every room of his home.
"I always wanted to build a dutch door so here's the dutch door," he says opening the top.
He made the barn doors, the headboard and even the mantel.
"I used to play golf all the time four hours later you have a sunburn...Instead of doing that I have a chair that will last forever." 
McGraw Milhaven is proof what you hear isn't always what you get, drill down a bit and who knows what you'll discover about a person.