At The Taco and Ice Cream Joint, there's so much more on the menu than tacos and ice cream, but it would be impossible to fit it all in the name.

The family who owns this new restaurant on Cherokee Street has a grocery store in Bridgeton called El Morelia, where they've been making tacos for several years.

Salvador Rico, owner, said, "People kept telling us you should make your own store, taco place... we finally listened to the people."

The majority of the tacos on the menu are served without toppings.

He said, "Just meat and tortilla... we don't put vegetables or cilantro because we'd rather have people put their own combination."

It's more than just tacos on the menu. From nachos to burritos., they dont skimp on the protein.

"These are California style burritos, you know how they are really big," he said.

Now for dessert. You'll find Mexican ice cream and popsicles, which comes in a number of interesting flavors.

He said, "The unusual flavors like quacomole."

The Taco & Ice Cream Joint offers a lot of wow factor. There's even a chocolate fountain behind the counter. A place with so many choices, you'll have to come back again and again.

The Taco & Ice Cream Joint is located at 2738 Cherokee Street. The number is (314) 224-5799. Check out their Facebok page,, for more information.