In a vacant building at 1740 Chouteau the garland has been hung, ornaments hooked and the holiday lights

have been turned on.

"I think aesthetically I'd like to think it's a Griswold family Christmas meets A Christmas Story, meets maybe 1940 Macy's Christmas display," explains Jamie Kilgore

Jamie Kilgore is the tinsel happy woman who along with her husband Ted, and their business partner Ted Charak, has transformed the place into a bit of a Christmas miracle.

"This is going to be the ultimate Christmas party."

One that has as many Christmas cocktails on the menu as it does Christmas trees. There's the Snowball Old Fashioned and the Brazen Blitzen.

"That one is like super piney and like sitting under a Christmas tree and maybe taking a bite," Ted Kilgore explains.

Handcrafted cocktails are what this trio is known for. They opened Planter's House, just down the street at 1000 Mississippi Avenue in December of 2013.

"We just wanted to encapsulate the spirit of St. Louis, it's history of hospitality and it's history of cocktails at Planter's House," Jamie Kilgore says.

It's become one of the most popular spots in St. Louis. But this place, the one with Santa mugs and special holiday concoctions is only open through Christmas Eve.

"This year we are one of 16 Miracles in the United States. There's three in Canada and one in Greece," Jamie points out.

So shake things up this holiday because the glasses are hung on the rack with care in hopes that you and your friends will soon be there.

Miracle on Chouteau is open now through Christmas Eve from 4 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.