The open sign at The Wood Shack in Soulard hasn't been lit up long, yet lines are already out the door.
It seems word has spread about the delicious sandwiches Chris Delgado and his crew are serving.  
"We're just trying to have fun with it man, step it up, sandwiches on steroids I guess you could say," Delgado says.
The 1862, Mule Kick and The Delgado aren't your average sandwiches.  The meat between the bread has been perfectly smoked.
"My wife always says everything we eat now has to have some sort of smoke flavor to it and it's true cause I've gotten like way into it."
Every day is a well-seasoned experiment.  Even the potatoes in the potato salad have been smoked.
"I like messing around with food and flavors, it makes it fun," Delgado adds.
He's got several racks of wood he uses to add a little extra flavor.
"Like right here I've got some apple and then in here this is peach," he says pulling out different pieces of wood.
They aren't over powering, but add a deliciously different touch.
"So this is the pastrami and it's absolutely amazing," a customer says.
There's also the Burley-Wich.
"It's a pork belly and we put a fried egg on that so it's kind of like a breakfast sandwich, but not really," Delgado explains.
The must have at the moment is the Ragen' Cajun.  Maple and pecan turkey breast sliced really thin then piled onto  bread that's been smeared with a bacon jam, baked and topped with of an avocado spread, lettuce, tomato and a little peppercorn dressing.
It's a sandwich I'd give two thumbs up if I was willing to put it down.  So stop by The Wood Shack.  It might be a small in square footage, but it's big on flavor.
The Wood Shack is at 1862 South 10th Street in Soulard.   You can see the menu here.