The sign outside sort of spells out what you'll find inside, but until you actually walk through the Decor Interiors and Jewelry door you don't realize how much stuff that covers.
"A lot of people come here and they look for their entire new house furnishings a lot of other people come here looking for one piece,"  Kelly Messmer explains.
She's an interior designer who's been helping customers pick out just the right thing to add just the right touch to their home for about a year and a half.
"It could be a vase, it could be a piece of art, it could be a side table."
She also does all the furniture and home accessory buying.
"The main thing people come here for is unique pieces so that's what I look for something unique in design," Messmer goes on to say.
Right now red tags are dangling from just about everything on the floor thanks to their fabulous floor sample sale, but it's a different sign that seems to grab the most attention.
"So many people don't know that we have downstairs level,"  Messmer says.
It's not new, but the mattress gallery is.  
"We are having a huge mattress sale right now it's all floor samples and you can get some great deals.  We're talking at least 50 percent off retail on all of our floor sample Beauty Rest mattresses."
If you're keeping track we've mentioned mattresses, contemporary furniture and accessories, but walk passed all of that and you'll also find jewelry.  
"The key is to get exotic and unique and keep the price affordable," says Joe Fredlich, the owner of  Decor Interiors and Jewelry. 
He's a man who has several special things in the case for Valentine's Day.
"On this holiday you never know, for some people it's just a little I love you gift."
A ring or necklace that literally says love.  Of course he also has big beautiful diamonds if that love has led to bended knee.
So whether you're looking for something for your home or your hand now seems to be the time to stop by Decor Interiors and Jewelry.