The Novel Neighbor in Webster Groves is more than a book store. There are plenty of page-turners but you'll find things you can wear like Hamilton socks and items to lay your head on.

Owner Holland Saltsman said, "There's a pillow that says, 'I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie."

With a such a variety of merchandise, space is at a premium.

She said, "I'm not sure we can squeeze one more thing in but then, we find a way."

In fact, Holland just bought a new book shelf from IKEA to hold even more merchadise. Putting it together is a whole other story.

She said, "I'm not gifted in that.. engineering or instructions."

And that's exactly why Cyndi Demick started a business assembling furniture from numerous stores, including IKEA, for people in the St. Louis area.

She said, "Usually they're grateful to see me, like I'm coming to their rescue."

Cyndi, known as MAMAKEA, makes house calls to put the pieces together.

Syndi said, "It's meditative for me when I'm doing this. I don't listen to music or anything. It calms me down. I look forward to days where I have jobs and do assembly."

We decieded to put her skills to the test and see how fast she can put together a bookshelf. In about 18 minutes, she put together an IKEA bookshelf.

For owner of the Novel Neighbor, MAMAKEA's skills are nothing short of supernatural.

"It's magic, I mean it is," she said.

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