At Pint Size Bakery in the Lindenwood Park neighborhood, good things come in small batches.

Nancy Boehm, Co-Owner and Pastry Chef, "Everything is small batch, from scratch everday."

Last year, when Pint Size Bakery moved to a bigger location, they went from 650 square feet to 1800 square feet of space.

Christy Augustine, Co-Owner and Pastry Chef, said, "We have the space to make more small batches... We baked chocolate chip cookies three times today. Rther than baking 100 at once, and they get old and dry, everything here is always fresh."

One of the bakery's best sellers is the Brookie, which is what you get when you combine a brownie with a cookie.

Nancy said, "You don't have to pick. You can have both when you have the Brookie."

Pint Size Bakery's Brookie was recently put in the national spotlight.

"We were featured on the Cooking Channel on Cheap Eats," said Nancy.

Ever since, customers have gone crazy over this treat.

"People come in and buy us out of Brookies," said Christy.

But if it's sold out, not to worry, you're also sure to love the oatmeal cream pie.

Christy said, "One of our signature items is a version of a Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pie."

They also do a variety of cupcakes everyday, like the lemon honey cupcake.

Whether you pick out something savory or sweet, pint size bakery would love to sprinkle a little joy onto your day.

Nancy said, "It's great to work somewhere where people are so happy to be here. We might be the best part of their day."

Pint Size Bakery is located at 3133 Watson Road. The number is (314) 645-7142. For more information, visit or