The steak lover's special is available at all 6 Syberg's locations and Helen Fitzgerald's. For $19.95 a person you a 12 ounce rib-eye steak or a 6 ounce filet, 4 fried shrimp, a side, salad, bread and butter, and a chocolate covered strawberry.

The feed the family special is also available at all 7 restaurants. For $29.99, you get 1 large pizza, an order of wings, toasted ravioli, salad, bread and and butter, and two orders of the cookie dough sundae.

Both are available on Valentine's Day until supplies last.

We visited Helen Fitzgerald's for this story, which is located at 3650 Lindbergh Boulevard in Sunset Hills.
The number is (314) 984-0026 and website is To find a Syberg's near you, visit