Rachel Lawson sounds like she has the perfect job. This young mother of two owns her own business, sets her own hours, and routinely plays with dogs while on the clock.

"People are surprised that I actually enjoy it as much as I do," Lawson says.

That's likely because a big part of what she does involves scooping up what our beloved dogs leave behind.
Lawson is a driver, and local franchise owner, for 'Poop911'.

She charges for weekly visits to homeowners who would rather have someone else take on this duty.
Lawson charges $12.95 per week for an average sized yard with one dog.

"This is not a big deal to me because I've done a lot of grunt work," laughs Lawson.

And she's not kidding.

Lawson saw military action with the U.S. Army in Iraq's Green Zone in 2004 and 2005.
So, yes, she's experienced at avoiding landmines.

"This is nothing compared to that."
Surprisingly, Lawson works in a highly competitive field.

At least half a dozen, possibly many more, charge for the same service in the St. Louis area.

Lawson, a college graduate who previously worked as an architectural drafter, says it's really not that bad.

"I get to meet great people and I love dogs," she says.