Finding a job these days can be tough. So much of what we do today is on our phones or online hiding behind a screen. But, face-to-face interaction is still tops when it comes to landing a job.

Getting lost in a pool of online applications is one of the struggles todays job hunters face.

Job seeker Donna Dunford knows that first hand. She's been actively searching for a full-time position for the last eight months.

Dunford says, "Honestly it can be frustrating, but I have to be diligent. I have to be patient. I have to understand that there's probably a thousand other people applying for the same job."

So, if you land a face to face interview, 5 on Your Side wants to make sure you put your best foot forward.

We spoke to a staffing expert to get the five things you should never do in a job interview.

Jodi Lang of Kelly Services pushes her people to be persistent.

"You tell them to keep pushing," she said. "Research the company. Find out if you can find a name. Do some digging behind the scenes. Make some phone calls. Walk in if you have to. People typically don't turn people away when you walk in the door and it may not get you the interview, but at least you'll have some face time where you might stick out."

When you do land the interview, here are five things Lang says interviewees need to know:

1. Don’t bring your cell phone into an interview. If you do, turn it off. Pay no attention to it.
2. Dress professionally.
3. Be on time!
4. Be sure to follow-up afterwards by email or phone.
5. Be sure to have eye contact with the person interviewing you. Be a good listener and ask questions. 

These are pointers Dunford knows will set her apart from the rest when her dream job in education comes along.

"Making that personal connection is just priceless to me because you really get to see inside that person and what they're like," explained Dunford.