Ellie Vargo’s job is to help you get a job with the right resume, and she loves what she does.

"I'm blessed,” said Vargo, who runs Noteworthy Resume and Career Services. She describes her job as building the case for hiring this person. "Things I've heard about resume dying is not true. You need to have a good resume."

Vargo offered five resume tips to help you land your dream job:

1. Stand out. When you sit down to write a resume, remember its purpose. “You need to have something that stands out and represents you well on paper. You don’t want to blend in,” said Vargo.

2. It needs to be visually attractive. “Some color here to make it more interesting. It needs to be clear,” Vargo said as she points to an example resume. “It needs to show dates, job titles, employers. I would recommend it have a title.”

3. Create a summary statement. Vargo suggests putting it under the title. "In that area what you want to focus on is your greatest strengths. Underneath that you want to list accomplishments and achievements,” she explained. “What problems have you solved, what things have you overcome. That’s what is going to set you apart from the competition.”

4. Use key words. Pick out words that are key to the job you're applying for and to the company. She says it's important to address what the recruiter is asking for in the posting.

5. Read it aloud. Once you're done writing, read it to someone to make sure it gets your strong points across. "If they don't understand it, recruiter isn’t going to understand it either," said Vargo.

You want to get the resume right, because the bottom line, according to Vargo, is that the resume is "a unique representation of your value."

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