You might not recognize his name, but you most certainly would recognize his voice. That is, if you've ever watched an episode of "Dateline NBC."

Longtime "Dateline NBC" correspondent Keith Morrison has developed a cult following on the strength of his dramatic voiceover delivery.

Morrison's rich, deep voice coupled with his dramatic delivery make even the most boring sentence sound like an absolute cliffhanger.

So to celebrate the 25th anniversary of "Dateline," NBC teamed up with the Waze driving app to make Keith Morrison's signature voice one of the options in the user settings. It's only available until April 2.

And since a Five on Your Side investigation recently determined that the Waze app was superior to its competitors, in St. Louis traffic anyway, we decided to see how well Keith Morrison's voice can navigate our local highways and byways.

"Well, well, well. If you do the driving, I'll do the narrating," Morrison's unmistakable voice said this week from the Waze app, directing Pat McGonigle through St. Louis traffic.

"Turn left, (with dramatic tone change) and then, turn right," Morrison's voice said, giving an ordinary drive through downtown St. Louis an ominous vibe.

Unfortunately, you will not hear Keith Morrison's voice attempt to pronounce streets and towns in our area that routinely confuse outsiders and spark fierce debate among longtime residents (we may never know how Morrison says 'Gravois').

But all things considered, we're giving this new voice option on the Waze app the thumbs up.

Or...are we? (dramatic voice)