For the sixth year in a row, adorable puppies from the Humane Society of Missouri predicted a winner in Sunday's Super Bowl.

According the dogs, it's the New England Patriots.

"It was a landslide," said Ann McLaughlin with the Humane of Missouri.

Five 10-week-old puppies swarmed around one of two food bowls on a specially designed turf gridiron during Today in St. Louis on Friday morning.

All five dogs immediately swarmed around the bowl with a Patriots logo, licking the bowl clean in a matter of moments. The Falcons bowl was essentially untouched. 

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McLaughlin assured KSDK that no one with the Patriots organization had been in contact with the Humane Society in an effort to tip the scales in favor of New England. 

Our own Pat McGonigle served as game official and was routinely overpowered by the puppies before and after kickoff.

You can adopt all of this year participants at Humane Society of Missouri's location on Macklind Avenue in St. Louis.