If you want to have a beautiful lawn, but you don’t have the time to care for it, there’s an app for that.

GreenPal launched in St. Louis earlier this year. The app allows lawn care companies to bid on your lawn getting you the best deal!

Since the GreenPal app launched in St. Louis, business for MJ Lawn Care has really taken off.

"Overall its brought us in about 2 to 3 customers per week," said Mike Cebulski of MJ Lawn.

The app has been referred to as the Uber of lawn care. Anyone looking for services can log on, post what they're in need of and lawn companies like MJ start bidding.

Cebulski said, "it does get competitive, but this makes it easy for the customer. It’s on an app, it's electronic."

When the service is complete, they snap a picture and send it to the customer. The customer has 48 hours to approve the work and pay for the service right through the app.

"You can also try out a lawn care and see if you like them and if it works out you can always cancel it when you don't need it," said Cebulski.

Just another example of technology working to make our lives and our lawns better. GreenPal is free for the customer to use. As for the vendors, there’s a small processing fee for each job.

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