It’s hard to miss the Davis brothers. At 6 feet 6 inches tall, they loom large as identical triplets.

“We have several people tell us, 'Man, I’m happy I don’t have to feed you,'” said Ja-Maal Davis. “We tell them it might be cheaper to clothe us!”

The 37-year-olds from St. Louis don’t just share looks and a last name, they also share a career. All three are members of local law enforcement.

“Getting into police work, as my mother would put it, was all we ever talked about,” Ja-Maal said.

The trio graduated from police academy 16 years ago, and immediately went to work at the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Sgt. Ja-Mes Davis is still working there today, in the Bureau of Community Affairs. He is the supervisor of the Community Engagement/Organizational Development Division. Detective Sgt. Ja-Maal Davis now works at Washington University’s Police Department, supervising the Investigations Bureau.

The third triplet, Lt. Col. Jason Davis, is the Assistant Chief of Public Safety for the Metro Transit in St. Louis. In that role, he has oversight of law enforcement partners and contracted security on the train. Jason Davis also works as a part-time officer with the North County Police Cooperative.

“We started this journey together, it’s been a good support system,” Ja-Mes said. “We walk stride by stride.”

The brothers try to meet for lunch at least once a week. They use that time to catch up on family matters, and to discuss ideas and issues in their police work. Even though the three  now wear different patches on their uniforms, they still share a mission.

“We all believe in treating people how you want to be treated. You can be the enforcement peace, but also be respectful at the same time,” Jason said.

The brothers advocate for community policing and all say their favorite part of the job is engaging the public.

“Having grown up in the city of St. Louis, being educated in the public school system, that connection to community – it’s personal,” Ja-Maal said.

“We’ve always had a spirit of wanting to help people and give back in certain ways,” Jason added.