Every day is Father's Day for artist Cbabi Bayoc who spends most days celebrating the art of fatherhood on canvas.

"This is one of 13 that I have to do between now and Father's Day," said Bayoc. "Our one-on-one time with our kids is very important and very necessary and it's just something that needs to be valued."

In 2012, necessity was the father of inspiration. Bayoc and his wife own Sweet Art Bakery in south St. Louis., but not enough money was coming in from Bayoc's artwork and his wife's cupcakes and sweets.

"My wife reminded me that I always wanted to work on this theme of fatherhood so make that your subject and that's when I came up with '365 Days With Dad,'" said Bayoc.

"365 Days With Dad" is artwork of black fathers and their children. They're everyday dad moments that become long-lasting memories. Things like a bike lesson, a Cardinals game, a father reading to his daughters or dancing at her wedding.

"It just took off," said Bayoc. "It became much bigger than I thought."

The word spread via social media of Bayoc's daily paintings about men shouldering the responsibility of fatherhood.

"I see a profound need for not just promoting family but definitely promoting fatherhood because there are so many people now we're adults we just didn't have it," said Bayoc.

Bayoc was 11 when his father killed himself.

"My mom told me it was food poisoning when it actually happened," said Bayoc

It was a shocking life event that causes reflection by the father of three.

"It just makes me watch myself and think about cherishing my own time with my kids, because I know what it feels like and I know how easily it can be gone," said Bayoc.

Painting fathers has become Cbabi Bayoc's signature. He no longer limits his talents to African American families. And while it's no longer just a black thing, it will always be a dad thing.

"We might not ever get the recognition that mom's get on mother's day, let's not even try to compete with it," said Bayoc. "Just worry about every day one day at a time."

Cbabi's name is an acronym that stands for creative black artist battling ignorance. You can see more of his work on his website.