They were a tribute to an injured police officer, police departments from around the country sent patches to Ballwin for injured Officer Mike Flamion.

Now, a local Boy Scout has a plan to preserve and display them.

Ballwin teen Luke Ramsey was on vacation last year when he heard an officer had been shot in his hometown.

“My initial reaction was wow — that happened mile from my house,” the 14-year-old high school freshman remembered.

Ramsey also watched as his community supported Flamion in the first days after the shooting, and throughout his recovery. He was especially moved by all the patches sent from other police departments — more than 1300 total. Some are from departments in different countries.

After nearly a decade in the Boy Scouts, Ramsey hatched a plan for his Eagle Scout project.

“I had heard about all these patches and I was, like, wait a minute — these can’t go in officer Flamion’s house in a box! They can’t sit like that forever. There’s no way,” he said. “These have to be put up. They have to be displayed. They have to look beautiful and they have to last forever.”

Ramsey plans to frame the patches in more than a dozen different displays. One will feature the Ballwin Police Department patch, with an American flag. Another will showcase patches from St. Louis are departments.

“I hope this brightens his spirits,” Ramsey said. “I hope this can bring him up and he’ll just be able to go into the basement at his new home and look at these and go — wow, that was a really cool thing that that scout did.”

Ramsey said an Ellisville company offered to donate labor for the project, which he has titled “Frames for Flamion.” The teen is still fundraising for the materials, and published a GoFundMe campaign online for the project.

On Thursday, Flamion stopped by the police department to get a better look at all the patches sent in his honor.

“It’s going to be incredible,” he said. “I don’t know how many frames he’s going to have.”

He added, “He seems to be a great kid and I’m excited to see what the final project looks like.”

After spending several months in a Colorado hospital, Flamion is now back in St. Louis continuing his recovery. He said the patches, and the departments behind them, give him strength.

“It’s always nice to see these patches and it reminds you – there [are] so many people pulling for you and rooting for you for a recovery.”