Next time you're in New York, be careful which food you order at one restaurant because you may wind up being heckled by a singing waiter.

That's exactly what happened to St. Louis muscle man Charles D'Angelo. While visiting a diner with his fianceé in The Big Apple last week, D'Angelo ordered something his waiter was not used to -- a plate full of pulled chicken.

"A big muscle man came in with his friends and ordered a giant plate of pulled chicken (with nothing else on the plate)," said Jimmy Larkin, D'Angelo's waiter, in a Facebook post. "After trying to get the kitchen to understand who/what/why [sic], I made fun of him in front of the entire restaurant and dedicated this song to him."

'This song' being 'Gaston' from Beauty and The Beast, a song that D'Angelo surprised Larkin with by joining him in a duet.

"It was my first time singing it at the diner because I've needed a partner to learn it," said Larkin. "Thank you for making my day and for being so insanely generous; there are great people out there in this crazy world and I feel lucky to work in a place that introduces me to so many and allows this kind of nonsense."

D'Angelo is a frequent guest on Show Me. St. Louis.