The wedding reception Colleen Wilcox, originally from St. Louis, took an unexpected turn when she married Luke Balestri, who she met while working in Chicago. Their two cities collided as the reception was turned into a friendly Cubs versus Cardinals rivalry.

Colleen first met Luke in a training session that she was instructing at PepsiCo. The two did not immediately start dating, but after getting to know each other, Luke decided he needed to ask Colleen on a date.

They stayed together even as Luke was sent to work in Florida. Colleen followed soon after. Luke proposed on the beach, just a few days before their third anniversary.

The pair held their wedding on April 22 at the Shrine of St. Joseph in St. Louis, and the reception was held at the Missouri Athletic Club.

PHOTOS: Cardinals and Cubs rivalry at STL wedding

Depending on where the guests were from, they were given either a Cubs hat or a Cardinals hat at the reception. That was as far as the rivalry was supposed to go in the reception, but an unusual decision from the bride changed that.

Colleen had intended to have her bridesmaids wear pastel dresses, but changed her mind when she decided red was more her style. This decision put the colors of the bridal party as red and blue. Red for the Cardinals fan bridesmaids, and blue for Cubs fan groomsmen.