A United States Marine Corps(USMC) veteran has his mums back, and he says it's thanks to a Facebook video with more than 130,000 views in one day.

USMC veteran James Fetters posted the home surveillance video on Facebook. It shows a woman walking slowly up to James Fetters front porch and stealing several mums in the 600 block of east Monroe Wednesday morning.

Within 24 hours the video had more than 136,000 views and it was shared by at least 3500 people.

Fetters says people on social media identified the woman as someone who lives in or near his neighborhood.

This afternoon surveillance video shows the lady returning the mums to Fetters' porch.

He says the theft was a bold move for such a close knit community.

Belleville Police are investigating the incident.

At this point, Fetters says it's unclear whether he will press charges against the woman for stealing his property.