KSDK - It's where scenes of a Budweiser commercial were shot and where future stars are born.

"Alright let's head on in," our tour guide said.

A state-of-the art breeding farm for some of the most famous horses in the world.

"What we're trying to raise is the perfect Budweiser Clydesdale which is the bay in color the four white legs the dark mane and tail," said John Soto, breeding farm supervisor.

He's the matchmaker.

"We take the mare and pair it up with the right stallion that we think is going to produce the best foal for her," Soto said.

He's also the "midwife" at Warm Springs Ranch.

"Eleven months later that mare lays down to have the baby and we either feel boy that was perfect or we're like uh we missed the mark on that one," Soto said.

It's a place that in 2009 opened for tours.

"It's the only place to me, knowing the other places, where you get a totally behind the scenes tour of what it takes to from the time one of our Budweiser Clydesdales is actually conceived to the time when he's out on the hitch and I don't think you can get that anywhere else," Soto said.

You not only see the exam area and lab, but can step into the breeding room when it's empty of course. You also get to see baby Clydesdales and at the moment there are 15 with 13 more on the way.

"When they're born they have a little trouble regulating their body temperature and so we will body clip them the first day of life," our tour guide said.

It is an incredible place. Home to iconic horses that after 34 years still amaze the man who helps bring them into this world.

"Oh everyday," Soto said.