Are you on the treadmill of life? Trying to stay on as you handle all the activities and responsibilities placed before you? Does your family need a timeout?

"We get over scheduled we plan too many things, we try to pack it all in," said Molly Dwyer-Simonsen, a professional counselor at DePaul Health.

Dwyer-Simonsen said being over scheduled is a major cause of stress for some families.

"We are moving through the motions so fast, that we really aren't spending time emotionally connecting. We are just kind of moving through the paces and our kids are being drug along with that," she said.

Dwyer-Simonsen said one way families can help connect, is disconnecting from distractions such as smart phones and other electronics.

"I think it is really important that we spend 20 to 30 minutes unplugged. It’s not just good for our children to unwind, but as parents are we focused on one another."

She recommends families be intentional about scheduling family time each week.

"Start small," she said. "Plan it around things that are part of their routine activities. So whether it’s meal prep and inviting the family to help with some of that, or outdoor activities, it’s a great time to rake the leaves with our children and then pile jump in together, put out holiday lights together as a family."

If you find yourself always carpooling your children to activities and sporting events, it may be time to cut back.

“Creating for them one to two activities in addition to school for any given week, and that means Sunday to Sunday, that's enough. That allows the downtime they need but also allows us that meaningful time with them,” said Dwyer-Simonsen.