What if I told you I knew where great steaks, good service, lovely decor, and good people all existed under one roof? First, let's talk about how important steak can be when you venture outside your home to have it. 

There's nothing worse in life than ordering a steak at a restaurant and seeing a completely different slab of meat arrive after you wait. There are certain restaurants that people go to in order to have a great steak, and when it comes up short, the decor or service doesn't even matter. Imagine going to a movie that heavily hyped up to be a thrilling experience, and be let down terribly once you saw it.  Luckily, Stone Summit Steak and Seafood gets the steak right and promises you a genuine experience to go with it. 

After all, the first time you go to a restaurant can often feel like a first date: you don't know what to expect or if any good will come from the experience. Instead of playing it safe, you are putting your heart (or stomach) out there in an unproven place. Will this be a memorable moment or just a decent couple hours with a forgettable ending? Stone Summit Steak and Seafood does many things well, so let's get to it. 


I don't need to be cuddled at a restaurant by a waiter or waitress, but if they do a couple things right, there's an extra kick to the evening. When my wife and I first sat down at our table, our waiter walked up and opened up some small talk before he bristled our appetites with specials and menu breakdowns. He asked about my wife's wrist-which was bandaged up due to surgery-and we had a small laugh. You don't have to be a comedian, but only an open person to make a guest feel comfortable. The second thing is making sure the drinks are never too empty. With an empty dining hall, this is a necessity, and we never had to reach for the bottom of the cup. Napkins were delivered, check-ins weren't too frequent, and overall, the service was top notch. 


Stone Summit looks amazing with its rustic DNA, and divides up the restaurant perfectly. There's the high energy bar area with big screen televisions, a large neon light sign, and wonderfully finished wood seating and wall construction. The artwork on the walls are minimal, so the eyes don't become sore. There are two separate dining halls, with one being right next to the open glass cellar of wine and whiskey and the other larger area open for bigger parties. Nobody wants to go to a restaurant and feel so close to the other table that a complete stranger could feed you a piece of their food. Stone Summit does it right. 

FOOD: The Opening Round

Before you dig into that steak, stretch out with an order of smoked wings, and don't worry, these are large wings. They are flash fried and char-grilled, so the second bite is as good as the first. If you are going to bruise your elbows digging into the table polishing these babies off, they better be good. These wings are juicy and the meat isn't dry in any region of the bone. The serving size is plenty, and the plating is even looks nice. 

How often do you buy your kid a lollipop and wonder if there was a grown up version available? Stone Summit is thinking of you here. Try an order of the short rib lollipops, and you can appease the kid in you while enjoying a tasty dish that could crowd the room before the entree arrives. They come with four pork short ribs covered (not drenched) in teriyaki sauce, and a little Asian slaw to make the healthy conscience feel at ease. For the people wondering if there is more fat than actual meat on these babies, let me assure you the meat is the star of the show. 

The House salad is nothing to get too excited about, with a gentle bed of greens with some provel cheese and dressing, while the potato wedges and potato skins don't have much of an impact on the taste buds. Trust me when I tell you that the coconut shrimp are as good as they tease. 

Main Entree: THE STEAK

Let's stop with the foreplay and get to the important part: How is the steak and seafood? When a joint puts these two things in their title, the payoff better be plentiful. I'm here to put you at ease. 

Without second guessing, I ordered the New York strip steak. It's my favorite steak and there's no need to argue with yourself when there's 12 ounces of steak sitting in front of you. If you look at the picture at the top of the page, trust me when I tell you this steak is delicious and filling. I order all my steaks medium rare so the cook can have some room to play with in the kitchen. If there's a little more red than brown, all is well, and cooks tend to cook it too long if you tell them medium. It arrived with pink in the middle and brown on the outside, which is a perfect medium rare. The fries that accompanied the steak were crispy and fresh, making good small in between bites. The seasoning on the steak wasn't overpowering at all. 

My wife ordered the 12 ounce ribeye, and of course, I had to try it before she laid it to waste. The ribeye is known for being one of the best cuts of meat you can get, and this one didn't disappoint. If I hadn't eaten all of my steak, I would have stole more of hers. Both steaks were cooked perfectly, and that is important. Sending a steak back to the kitchen doesn't kill the chances of a happy ending, but the delay never helps. 

While the wild caught salmon and mahi are fine seafood options, I'd put my money on the Chilean sea bass. When you order the bass-which I consider the black sheep of the seafood family because it has to be cooked right in order to be as good as it can-you also get a fine helping of lobster risotto. The remoulade also cuts the flavor of the bass just right without taking away from the dish. 

What missed the mark? There were some minor setbacks with the meal. The potato mash that came with my wife's steak weren't seasoned well and arrived a bit cooler than usual. The red wine options didn't offer much variety, and with a steak restaurant that can't happen. The dessert menu doesn't offer the kind of options one might expect. 

Here's the important thing to know about Stone Summit Steak and Seafood: the steaks are cooked right and taste delicious, and if you feel like a sea bass made right, they can take care of you there as well. I took my mom to a dinner recently and let's just say they cooked her steak terribly. When she asked for it medium, it arrived with a heartbeat. Her meal was ruined no matter. That didn't happen at Stone Summit, because they care about your experience as much as they do about their steaks. 

Located right off Interstate 70 and sitting next to a B & B Theaters spot, Stone Summit Steak and Seafood offers the surf and turf lover the right amount of taste, class, and service one expect and deserves. 

Find them at: 17 Cliff View Drive in Wentzville, Missouri 63385

Phone Number: 636-856-9260


Monday-Thursday, Sunday- 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

Friday and Saturday- 11 a.m.-11 p.m.