FLORISSANT, Mo. - A north county community is reconsidering a ban on pit bulls.

Florissant has prohibited the breed for more than a decade, but now city leaders are talking about lifting that ban.

City leaders held a first reading of the bill Monday night, and dozens of people showed up to listen and offer public comment.

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“This ban is what is responsible for ending lives,” said Andrea Castleberry. “Sweet, loyal, and innocent lives like theirs. If animals could speak they would defend themselves. But they can’t, so you’re going to hear our voices.”

Most of the crowd wore orange t-shirts, part for the Florissant Bully Alliance. They were there to show their support for bringing pit bulls back to Florissant.
Many in the group showed pictures of their own dogs, and said the ban has not decreased the number of pit bull bites in the community.

A small number of people at the meeting spoke in favor of the ban, or at least a ban on breeding pit bulls in Florissant.

“The problem with a pit bull is, when it bites – it doesn’t let go. It bites and it shakes,” said Alan Jones. “So the damage done to people isn’t that they have a bite mark – it’s that they lose flesh. They get bitten down to the bone.”

Council members did not vote on the issue Monday night. They are expected to revisit the issue at their next meeting.

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