CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A warning for dog owners after a popular flea and tick medicine might be dangerous for your pet.

The maker of Bravecto, a popular flea and tick killer for dogs, is firing back about reports of pets dying after taking it.

"My wife gave him the tablets-- the chewable tablet. He ate it just fine. Everything seemed fine Saturday night," said Donald Junker. "Mother's day was Sunday morning. My wife always goes out and check out the deck which sleeps on our porch. She goes out Sunday morning checks on him and he's dead."

That dreadful memory came flooding back Friday for Don Junker and his family after reports surface about the potential dangers of Bravecto.

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"I'm not a vet, but one day the dog is fine and the only thing we change," said Junker.  "We haven't changed his diet, we haven't changed a thing, so yes, we believe it's Bravecto."

NBC Charlotte reached out to Merck Animal Health, the pharmaceutical giant about the allegations. Their response, in part, "Our post-approval studies and post-approval surveillance have provided additional compelling evidence that supports the safety profile of Bravecto".

Dr. Setzer at Lesslie Animal Hospital says Bravecto is one of his most common products for fleas and ticks.  He's issued more than 2,000 doses.

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"No, still have it on our shelves," said Setzer.

Still, Dr. Setzer believes these allegations are unfounded.

"In almost all the cases, no necropsy or autopsy were done because the owners refused to have those done," said Setzer. "Without the necropsy or autopsy, you can't find out what the cause of death was."

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