The Equifax security breach could impact almost half of the US, a whopping 143 million people. So naturally, consumers have questions that they send to us at 5 On Your Side.

Here are the most common questions we've received:

Q: I would like to know if anyone has actually been able to freeze their credit report. I have tried all three agencies, both by phone and online at different times, and not been able to do this. (Beverly)

A: Well it's no surprise that all three credit agencies are swamped with calls right now. But freezing your credit is a great idea.

That way no one can buy anything on credit or open a new line of credit. In fact Equifax is waiving its freeze fee for the next 30 days. So keep trying to contact them, especially at different times of the day.

Q: Do I need to check my children's credit?

A: Experts say scammers and hackers are mainly interested in people who have an actual credit history. so kids...Not so much a worry. But they also advise: keep on eye on their transcripts for the next few years.

And finally, several viewers have this question:

Q: Does signing up for Equifax's help site mean you're waiving your right to a class-action lawsuit?

A: Our experts say if you signed up to receive electronic alerts of reported credit changes when you first signed up with Equifax, the company also limited your right to file a lawsuit over the breach. But, after backlash from both consumers and legal officials, Equifax removed that requirement..

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