Chances are the over-loaded, over-crowded power bar you have at home has not evolved in 15 years. Today the future is bright and tied to a bargain. 

In our continued quest to save you as much cash as humanly possible, five months after we first starting testing the Tec.Bean, we have a winner now at its lowest recorded price. 

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The Power Tower can cut home energy costs anywhere between 15 and 30% depending on the room in which it is used and how. The system features 6 - 10 standard three prong A.C. outlets and 4 USB ports, alongside the following features: 

- Fire-resistant PC shell
- High temperature resistant materials
- Each layer has its own power switch and LED light
- Charge or power up to 14 devices simultaneously 
- Overload protection
- Great for home theaters or a home office
- 10 foot power cord management system
- Flame resistant materials protect against lightning and power surges
- 12 month warranty

$30 Off Tec.Bean 4 USB and 6AC Power Saver + Free Prime Shipping
Was: $53.00
Now: $23.99
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If sold out, here is an identical replacement option made in the same factory

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