A 10-year-old's efforts to fight homelessness in Haiti is getting a huge response in the Collinsville, Illinois community.

Several hours a day, you can find Miguel Billings sitting in front of his house playing a baritone horn. He's been doing this for three weeks but the neighbors are not complaining.

"I live just across the street from him so I can here the music all the time and I'll give him credit," said Nick Mahlandt, one of Miguel's neighbors.

"I think it's a great thing, cause I don't see a lot of people doing this a lot of the time," said neighbor, Brooke Ray.

Miguel started learning to play this instrument a few months ago in band class, but the fifth grader is now using his new skills outside of the classroom for a greater purpose.

"To build a home so that somebody will have a house to be in and have furniture," Miguel said.

"He said mom, you know I have this idea, you know I want to practice my baritone to raise money for Haiti and as a practical mom, I responded, I don't think that's going to raise money practicing a baritone," Miguel's mom, Deeann Billings said. However, she quickly gave in to her son's idea. She found a ministry that builds affordable homes in Haiti.

"They don't have clean water, their streets are destroyed, their buildings are destroyed". Billings and her husband set up a gofundme account along with a collection stand in her front yard. Miguel provides the music.
"The kids made some signs, we made some cookies." Billings says it was an effort they agreed to try out for a day, but word spread quickly around Collinsville.

Three weeks later they've already reached their goal at almost $4,900.

"It's just amazing how he's empowering other children, to think that I can do something, I might be small and I have limited funds but you know what, I have been blessed with a lot of talents and resources that God has given me and I'm going to use those for His glory."

Billings says Miguel's efforts inspired another kid in their neighborhood to start his own fundraiser for the same cause. The money raised so far is enough to provide for one home in Haiti.

Miguel says he doesn't plan to stop here.