I woke up this morning both nervous and excited. Tonight, I'll be back at the anchor desk during our 10 p.m. news.

It's been both the worst and best summer of my life. Giving birth to a micro preemie, spending 96 days in St. Louis Children's Hospitals' neonatal intensive care unit; all while my kidneys were failing. I was hospitalized 5 times and given emergency dialysis. I'm still on dialysis 8 hours a day and doing infusions at Mercy Cancer Center.

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But every time I look at my healthy daughter, I know I would do it all over again.

Like any working mother, you worry about balancing it all. How will you have the stamina to make it all work? (Moms feel free to leave some advice about this!)

But, I feel doing what I love makes me a better person. Working at KSDK has brought me more joy and satisfaction than any of my previous jobs. Serving and informing the people in my hometown is a privilege. St. Louis is a place filled with wonderful people and there are so many stories of strength and perseverance to tell (many of them much, much harder than mine).

I'm so honored to be a part of that storytelling again. Thanks for welcoming me back into your living rooms! I'll just be anchoring the 10 p.m. news this week.

See you tonight!