LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- The Louisville Metro Police Department is investigating a shooting that left two men dead and four others injured at Shawnee Park on Thanksgiving afternoon, Nov. 24.

The four people that were injured are expected to survive, according to LMPD.

Two of the shooting victims were taken to the hospital by ambulance, and two others were taken to the hospital in private vehicles.

Police said hundreds of people were at Shawnee Park for the Juice Bowl when the shooting happened.

“This is very tragic what's happened here. I'm saddened. We've had over 100 homicides in our city, something that hasn't happened in a long time,” Dwight Mitchell with LMPD said. “And we consider ourselves one of the safest cities in America but when you have a tragedy like this it certainly puts a damper on that.”

One shooting scene was just feet away from the Juice Bowl field.

WHAS11's Sara Wagner is at the scene. Follow her on Twitter for the latest.