St. Charles Police are investigating two car thefts, two days apart, both at QuikTrip locations in St. Charles.

The most recent theft was Sunday afternoon at 4:30 when Courtney Brockhaus said she left her guard down at the Quik Trip on Fifth Street.

"As I pulled the gas pump out I had my hand on the car and I felt the car bounce," said Brockhaus. "I looked down into my window and I saw a man in the car and I banged on the glass and yelled 'What are you doing?'"

The engine wasn't running in Brockhaus' Chevy Cruz, but she left the keys in the ignition, in part because she lives nearby.

"I'm home, it's safe, it's not a big deal." Brockhaus said. "I let my guard down."

Surveillance photos provided by St. Charles Police show that the car thief arrived at the QuikTrip in a Dodge Durango, which was reported stolen from Illinois earlier in the day. Brockhaus said the car thief didn't take off immediately.

"He took the car around and came back towards me. I thought he was going to hit me with my own car and the only thought I had was 'I was going to be hit or shot and that I needed to get inside,'" said Brockhaus.

Brockhaus said she saw no weapons as her car was stolen but it was still a scary event.

"At the time it felt like the end of the world. Now I'm just glad I'm OK."

Police said there was a similar car theft last Friday at a QuikTrip at the intersection of Mexico and Muegge Roads. Neither stolen vehicle has been recovered.