A longtime South St. Louis business was targeted by thieves for the second time this summer. This time, one of its workers was threatened. A Dad's Cookie Company delivery driver was carjacked at gunpoint in the middle of the day outside the business.

The business is located on Louisiana Ave. and Keokuk St. It started as a family owned bakery in 1912 and became Dad’s Cookie Company in 1938.

"The original Scotch Oatmeal,” production manager Tim Altmann said. “That's what they come for."

Deliveries are a big part of the business but the company is down one delivery van now.

"Our driver, he parked right in front of this sewer over here right on the other side of this alley," Altmann said.

Altmann says the company’s main driver had just returned from making a delivery. When he exited the van, he noticed a blue two-door sedan in the alley.

"As soon as he got to about that yellow pole, the passenger in the vehicle, he jumped out and put a gun to his head and said, 'Drop your keys or I drop you.'"

The 61-year-old complied. The suspect in the van and the driver of the two-door sedan fled the scene.

"He did the right thing,” Altmann said. “He just gave them his keys and they left … without him being hurt, so that was the main thing."

Altmann says they've since borrowed another employee's minivan to make deliveries.

"Everybody will get their cookies this week, just so you know," Altmann said.

Still, crime hurts.

"My driver came in and he was just shaking," Altmann said.

And the company has dealt with it before.

"We had been broken into a couple months ago, a month and a half ago I guess, on a smash and grab," Altmann said.

Though, it's not enough to move away from the place they've been for so long.

"You think about it, but then you want to keep the nostalgia of this place I mean you'd just lose the ambiance," Altmann said. "I've seen this neighborhood in its up times and its down times."

The stolen cookie delivery van is described as a white 2011 Ford Econoline E250 van. Altmann says it doesn’t have a large logo on its body, but there is a small sign in the windshield.