Seven members of a violent street gang in St. Louis known as the Downtown Taliban have been taken into custody.

They are accused of participating in revenge shootings and heroin distribution across the area.

According to a new federal indictment, the gang is made up of members from rival street gangs who banded together to distribute drugs.

The indictment claims the Downtown Taliban has been known to law enforcement since at least October 2015.

According to prosecutors, Eric Calicutt Jr., 31, was the primary source of supply for the gang’s raw heroin.

Also charged is Louis Morris, 34. The indictment claims Morris processed the heroin by mixing it together with a cutting agent and placing it into a pharmaceutical capsule.

Prosecutors allege those capsules were then given to Downtown Taliban members for distribution.

According to the indictment, the gang would typically rely on cell phones to arrange to meet users in a particular area. Then, they would situate themselves there to conduct several heroin transactions with a number of users over the course of a given day, according to prosecutors.

The indictment claims the gang would distribute to individual users, but also smaller distributers loosely affiliated with the Downtown Taliban.

But drugs weren't the only interest of the Downtown Taliban, according to prosecutors.

Calicutt, Morris and five others are also accused of using firearms with high capacity magazines in shootings with other rival street gangs around St. Louis.

All seven suspects taken into custody face a heroin distribution conspiracy charge. Morris and one other suspect also face a weapons charge.