A mayor from the metro east happened to be at the Fort Lauderdale airport just minutes before the shooting.

The mayor of Godfrey and his wife said they happened to make it out of baggage claim before the shooting took place because their flight landed earlier than expected. He spoke to us via Facetime from his condo just outside of Fort Lauderdale.

Mike McCormick and his wife have traveled to Fort Lauderdale for the past four years in January for a week-long get away. He said their family and friends started texting him right after the shooting to make sure they were OK.

"Very scary," McCormick said. "Sad situation. it's a shame things like this happen."

McCormick said they landed about 10 minutes earlier than planned because of a minor medical emergency on the plane. He said he didn't expect a tragedy to happen to moments later.

"You felt very secure," he said. "Most people feel secure in an airport because there's so much security."

But security didn't stop the horrific shooting that transpired. Like many people, the mayor wants more answers.

However, he's confident the airport will be OK when it's time for his return back to Illinois.

"It's definitely going to be safe by them. I'd go fly tomorrow if I had to," he said. "You can't let things like this control your life."

The mayor and his wife plan on returning to Illinois in a week.