For the second time in three weeks, a Granite City used car dealership has been hit by two brazen thieves.

“We’ve never had this problem before. This is something new. It’s just damage after damage,” said Jerry Myatt, the owner of J M Motors.

Myatt said the same two suspects are smashing windows, stealing car radios and causing thousands of dollars in damage.

He said several used cars, including some that belonged to customers, have been vandalized. One customer reported their wedding rings were stolen.

“They walk in and they walk out when they leave, carrying all the stuff in their arms,” Myatt said.

And it’s leaving the longtime business frustrated.

“What can they get out of a used radio? $10? I don’t know, but you can buy them new for $60. It’s just childish. It’s ridiculous you know,” Myatt said.

So they’re turning to social media to help crack the case.

The dealer posted surveillance footage on its Facebook page with hopes someone can put a name to the two suspects’ faces.

Already, their post has been shared more than 650 times and viewed by more than 100,000.

“I just want them apprehended and get them out of my life,” Myatt said.

He said they are also working with police. A $500 reward is available for anyone with information leading to an arrest.