Neighbors in the Gravois Park neighborhood say a small group of kids is roaming the streets, damaging property, doing rock-throwing drive-bys on their bikes, and in some cases they say the kids are armed.

People nearby say the pack of about a dozen kids range in age from teenagers to grade-school-aged.
Some say they're afraid to use their recently upgraded Gravois Park.

"A lot of people don't feel safe going over there especially with young kids," says Curtis Farber who's lived in the neighborhood for about four years. "If it's just one parent and a child and you run into 10, 11 kids you're looking at problems."

"They're a very small percentage of the youth in our neighborhoods," says Ward 20 Alderwoman Cara Spencer. "But the violence associated with it is alarming."

Spencer says groups of kids have caused trouble for at least the last two summers. She says after meeting with neighbors and police, she hopes new security cameras will be a deterrent.

But, installation is stalled. She says the problem is a lack of a city-wide security camera plan. Currently it's up to individual wards to put out bids to put up cameras.