KMOX producer Mike Anderson shared his story on the airwaves after being the victim of an armed robbery and kidnapping just after midnight on Nov. 2.

Anderson said he had parked across the street from his apartment, and was confronted by a gunman and an accomplice.

"The first thing they did was put me on the ground, on the sidewalk, in plain sight," Anderson said during an interview on KMOX.

Anderson said the two men then forced him inside his own vehicle. They discussed taking him to an ATM, but abandoned that idea. After driving around Soulard, the robbers pulled over at the intersection of Menard

and Shenandoah.

LISTEN: KMOX interview

Eventually, the robbers took off with Anderson's phone and wallet. He went to a nearby business and called for help.

"I'm healthy. I'm ok. All they got was things that were replaceable," Anderson said during the KMOX interview. "As long as I never see them again, I'll chalk it up as a minor loss and learn from it, I guess."

Anderson said the robbers tried to use his credit card at a gas station, but the purchase was declined. He plans to stay in Soulard, but will move to a different apartment. St Louis Police are investigating.